Because the main goal has been to carry out a national and spiritual mission and a sturdy foundation that guarantees its durability, we have stepped further by establishing an Iranian investment company called Zarrin Dokht Ebtekar which lets you gain experience through a specialized team.

It is by God’s will that the company has been capable of producing a diversity of products, models and designs demanded by customers.

Because from the very beginning of their activities, the resourceful founders and managers of this plan have mainly focused on the dear consumers and customers’ satisfaction, and have always been trying to provide their customers with high-quality products manufactured with precision and strict care.

We have been successful in producing various and highly trendy products and sharing them with those who are interested in clothes fashioned by Zarrin Dokht Ebtekar. This success has been achieved through benefitting from an experienced team, identifying the supply channels of the best Iranian and foreign fabrics and also by bearing in mind the tastes and demands of our customers and consumers.

We thank God because of believing in ourselves. We have shown and proved that our brand is not inferior to the best brands of the world, and in many ways it is even superior, and the reason is the production and sale of the best foreign sports shirts, classic shirts, classic jackets and trousers, T-shirts, linen trousers, jackets and industrial work-wear which have been all offered to the most fashionable stores in Tehran and metropolitan areas. This issue has aroused the admiration and approbation of customers who pick the best brands.

We have tried to introduce Zarrin Dokht Ebtekar to the beloved people of Iran and all over the world through simple short but real sentences, trustworthiness, proficiency and without overstating our identity, so that, by God’s grace, we can accompany and serve the loved customers in choosing Zarrin Dokht Ebtekar for the best clothes.

Finally and after about 12 years of gaining knowledge and experience either in Iran or the countries which are renowned for their clothes, our passion, interest and sense of responsibility for each other worked and showed itself as a large all-industrial factory with some of the best and most advanced machinery and equipment from well-known and important countries. We have named it as Zarrin Dokht Ebtekar with historical Iranian roots.